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We are an expert consulting and business services firm, especially known for our extensive knowledge of the Chinese regulatory and cultural environment. We have worked with clients across diverse sectors, learning from our experience and developing solutions that work. We can find intelligent solutions for most complex issues currently arising in these challenging times.

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Are you fully compliant with the latest Chinese Data Protection Rules?

 We have designed a short questionnaire (10 easy questions) to enable us to analyse your possible data governance issues in China.  

Filling in the questionnaire will entitle you to our entirely free first assessment by email. If any issues are identified, we also offer an entirely free, 30 minutes, live evaluation between you and our Shanghai data governance experts. 

For our end-to-end data governance solution in China, read more here.

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China Data Compliance Solution

Since the adoption of the Cybersecurity Law, which became effective in 2017, China has introduced a range of laws, regulations and policies touching on all aspects of the data governance space. To name a few:

– Data Security Law 

– Personal Information Protection Law 

– E-Commerce Law (Regulation on Protecting the Security of Critical Information)

– Personal Financial Information Protection Technical Specifications

Essentially, every business starting or operating in China has to set up its own data management infrastructure. Depending on the type of business this may include: 

  • Applying for an ICP licence
  • Adapting the website for privacy compliance
  • Putting protocols in place for data breaches, data transfers, data protection and data privacy
  • Appointing a responsible officer
  • Conducting a data protection impact assessment 
  • Ensuring data security capabilities based on local standards  
  • Applying for MLPS certification 

Chinese data governance rules may or may not be compatible with existing rules in the country of origin of the new entrant. 

Many businesses already have infrastructure in place in their home country. Savings can be achieved if all or part of this infrastructure can be rolled out to China, but this is not always easy. If a group of companies is already active under multiple regulatory regimes, the challenge to set up the China infrastructure can get complex and costly. 

Equasia has developed an end-to-end solution, which will be delivered based on your specific needs, which includes: 

  • An introduction of China’s data regime
  • A risk analysis with recommendations
  • A China-based data governance strategy 
  • A set of protocols
  • A set of policies
  • Staff training divided in different topics for strategy implementation  

Our solution will enable you to enter, or continue in, the Chinese market with confidence at an affordable rate.

Based on our solution, we have designed a quick assessment form to make an initial assessment of your needs. 

Completing the form will enable us to provide you with a first assessment and the estimated cost of our solution. 

Our assessment is entirely free of charge, including a 30-minute online meeting with our experts to discuss our findings with you in the strictest confidence.  


This questionnaire is to analyse your requirements for data governance requirements in China. It consists of just 10 questions, which will enable us to form an opinion on your needs, and to ensure your business will not be subject to fines or other punitive consequences. 

After completing the questionnaire our experts will analyse the results and inform you by email of our conclusions. Should there be any issues, we offer a free, 30 minutes, live meeting on Zoom or another network of your choice.  

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