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Equasia is an expert consulting and business services firm with offices in Hong Kong and Shanghai, helping clients to access, operate and grow in China and other Asian markets.

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We are an expert consulting and business services firm, especially known for our extensive knowledge of the Chinese regulatory and cultural environment. We have worked with clients across diverse sectors, learning from our experience and developing solutions that work. We can find intelligent solutions for most complex issues currently arising in these challenging times.

“We believe that our commitment to responsible and sustainable business between Asia and the world is good for all our stakeholders.” 

Hugo Muller, Co-founder Equasia

Many businesses ask us whether they are fully compliant with the newest Chinese Data Governance Regulations.  We have designed a short questionnaire (10 easy questions) to enable us to analyse your possible data governance issues in China.  

Filling in the questionnaire will entitle you to our entirely free first assessment by email. If any issues are identified, we also offer an entirely free, 30 minutes, live evaluation between you and our Shanghai data governance experts. 

For our end-to-end data governance solution in China, read more here.

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Succeeding in new markets is hard. We have created our platform to assist others in making that process both easier and more predictable, so you can operate with confidence.

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